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Chick-fil-a's Trusted


As the preferred facilities maintenance partner for over 25 Chick-fil-A restaurants, Cornerstone Industrial knows exactly what it takes to serve your restaurant.

  • CFA Approved equipment & material procurement

  • Minimal business interruption 

  • CFA Approved General Contractor

  • High Quality Work

  • Professional Crew Leaders

  • Quick communication

Ready-Built Solutions

Our years of experience working with Chick-fil-A has given us an intimate understanding of the unique operational challenges franchise owners face. This familiarity has allowed us to create ready-built solutions that help our restaurants streamline operations and deliver a better customer experience. Contact us to learn how we can implement these solutions for you!

Durable Screen Wall

The Issue

As empty food carts, bread trays, and overflow accumulate inside a restaurant, they often gather outside, creating an unsightly view for guests. A simple, cost-effective solution is needed.

The Solution

The durable, aesthetically pleasing screen wall from Cornerstone Industrial blocks visual clutter and promotes an image of cleanliness. This solution has already been installed at a few stores in the midwest region.


The Issue

Where does one temporarily place completed food orders for curbside service while awaiting delivery? And at the same time provide a flexible system that reduces complexity between curbside service and basic drive-thru operations?

The Solution

Install a Cornerstone Industrial Versatility Shelf under the drive-thru access window. When used during curbside pickup, the horizontal shelf can hold completed food orders. When the drive-thru lane is in operation, the shelf folds down and out of the way.

SERVICING THE MIDWEST, Northeast, and Atlantic regions

Headquartered in Southeast Michigan, Cornerstone works with businesses across the rust belt. We're expanding our footprint across the country and will travel anywhere for the right job!


“Cornerstone is the best! They responded to my maintenance emergency immediately and saved my company from losing millions with their quick repairs!”


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A trusted and experienced Chick-fil-A partner

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